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Spaice is a reputable, ethical, individualized house renovation and remodelling company serving Toronto and GTA. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including general contracting, construction management, design-build and interior design services. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has earned us the Best of Awards 2023 from HomeStars.

9 Things
Customers Fear

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Hidden Additional Cost

Interior Design

Bad Construction Quality

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Low Environmental Standard

Interior Design

Bad Customer Service

Interior Design

No Warranty

Interior Design

Spending Wrong Money

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Bad And False Products

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Non- transparent Process

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Unpredictable Project Timeline

Interior Design

10 Years Warranty

Transparency On What Is Included In The Warranty

No Hidden Fees

Ongoing Commitment To Our Customers

Comprehensive Warranty

Protects Against Defects In Materials And Products

Certified Service


Redo Immediately On Unqualified Works

Redo Immediately On Unqualified Works: "Your Satisfaction Is Paramount. If Any Work Doesn't Meet Our High Standards, We'll Redo It immediately At No Extra Cost."


10x Compensate For False Products

10x Compensate For False Products: "Trust Is Our Bond. If You Ever Find A False Product In Our Projects, We Pledge To Compensate Tenfold."


Spaice Qualified Top Sub-contractors

Qualified Top Sub-contractors: "Only The Best For Our Clients. We Partner Exclusively With Top-tier Sub-contractors To Ensure Premium Quality At Every Phase."


Top Level Environmental Standards

Top-level Environmental Standards: "Planet-friendly Renovations. We Adhere To The Highest Environmental Standards, Ensuring Sustainability And Eco-consciousness In All We Do."


Fast Response When You Need Us

Fast Response When You Need Us: "Here For You, Always. Whenever You Need Us, Expect A Swift And Prompt Response, Because You Matter."


No Unpredictable Additional Charges

No Unpredictable Additional Charges: "Transparency Is Key. With Us, You'll Never Be Blindsided By Unexpected Costs Or Hidden Fees."

10 Years Warranty

The 10-years warranty provided by spaice Studio is a comprehensive warranty that covers various aspects of a renovation project. Here's a breakdown of the key points mentioned in the warranty:

1. Contractor Warranty:

At spaice Studio we stand behind our workmanship. We proudly provide a 10 years warranty on workmanship, structural components, plumbing and electrical. Upon project completion, a warranty certificate will be provided, clearly stating when the warranty period begins and ends. spaice Studio, will provide the homeowner with certificate or written document that outlines the warranty terms and is signed by both parties.

2. Manufacturer Warranties:

Our warranty coverage may vary in duration, depending on the specific product involved in the project renovation .The warranty period can range from a minimum of 1 year to a lifetime warranty.

3. Documentation:

It is important you keep all the documentation related to your renovation, including contracts, receipts, and warranty information.

4. Exclusions:

Please note any damages caused by the homeowner, neglect, natural disasters or normal wear and tear will not be covered under the 10 years warranty. In the absence of the warranty certificate, spaice Studio will not be able to honor or process the warranty claim. If customer chooses to provide their own materials, our warranty coverage will be excluded for those specific materials.

5. Procedures for claiming warranty:

Homeowner to contact spaice Studio with a detailed description of the issue or concern. Home owner to provide supporting documentation, such as photos, videos, or purchase receipts. Upon contacting spaice Studio, homeowner should receive acknowledgement of the warranty claim, ether through an automated response or from a customer service representative.

6. Inspection:

One of our contractors will complete a thorough investigation to determine the cause and assess responsibility. This investigation may involve: requesting additional information, evidence from the homeowner or examining the product.

7. Conclusion of the inspection:

Spaice Studio will determine whether the concern is covered by the warranty and who is responsible for addressing it. Contractor or inspector will schedule a meeting with the homeowner to review the findings.

8. Repairs and Remediation:

If the issue or concern is covered by the warranty, the resolution may involve: Repairing or replacing the product or addressing the issue with service. Clarifying the warranty coverage and any costs involved as well as providing a timeline for the resolution. Explain how issues covered by the warranty will be addressed. This can include repair, replacement, or reimbursement of repair cost.

9. Document Everything:

Spaice Studio will keep records of all your communications, documents, and agreements related to the warranty claim.

10. Customer Feedback:

After the resolution, spaice Studio may seek feedback from the homeowner regarding the service received, as we always want to ensure homeowner satisfaction and improve our process.

* Please be advise that our warranty is non-transferable. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original homeowner who contracted the renovation work with spaice Studio and may not be transferred to subsequent property owners.The warranty coverage terminates upon the sale or transfer of the property.

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