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One-stop shop solution

Discover the ease and completeness of spaice Studio's one-stop shop solution, where design, material procurement, and professional renovation services converge to elevate your entire renovation journey.


At spaice Studio, we are your ultimate destination for your project. We understand that your time is valuble, and that's why we've created a 8000 SQFT designer showroom, displaying a large variety of products to choose from.

Comprehensive Project Overview

Our showroom is not just a display space; it's a vibrant showcase of your projects. Through presentations of entire spaces, you can get a comprehensive view of how different elements come together, providing you with a clearer understanding of your overall design. Step into our offline showroom, transforming virtual choices into tangible elegance. Explore a curated selection of materials and witness design concepts in real-life settings, allowing you to make informed decisions.
Interior Design
Interior Design

Real Contrasts of Materials and Styles

Experience not only the textures of products but also witness them placed in real settings for an intuitive comparison. From flooring to lighting, each item is showcased in the display area to reveal its true appearance and complementing effects.Enjoy the convenience of sourcing materials directly from spaice Studio. Our one-stop solution extends beyond design, providing clients with a seamless process to purchase quality materials aligned with their envisioned project.


Immerse yourself in our design brilliance through state-of-the-art online 3D renderings. Visualize your project with intricate detail, ensuring a clear understanding of the design concept before implementation.

Personalized Professional Design Services

Stroll through our showroom and benefit from personalized, one-on-one professional design services. Our design experts are ready to provide on-the-spot consultations, helping you unearth treasures that perfectly fit your project in the sea of products. With our 3D design software, we can provide you with a 720 virtual realistic walk-through experience. This means you will have a clear picture of your project on every single detail every step of the way.
Interior Design
Interior Design

Instant Feedback for Renovation Decisions

In the showroom, you can promptly translate design decisions into reality. By physically experiencing each element, you gain confidence in making decisions, ensuring your project achieves its optimal results. From concept to execution, spaice Studio ensures a smooth transition, delivering not only design excellence but also expert renovation services tailored to your unique needs.

Combination of ONLINE & OFFLINE

truly one-stop, worry free

Service Process


Understand Your Needs

At spaice Studio, we understand that every home renovation project is unique, especially when it comes to creating a tailored Home renovation financial plan for our clients in Toronto and the GTA.


Plan and Quote

Our expert team creates detailed plans and provides transparent quotes, ensuring a smooth start. Our planning process includes developing a comprehensive Home renovation financial plan, ensuring transparency and alignment with your budget.


Select Materials and Design

Our in-house designers work closely with you to select materials that align with your vision, style and budget. Our design choices are informed by your Home renovation financial plan, balancing aesthetics with cost-effectiveness.


Prepare and Schedule

We work diligently to plan and prepare your project to ensure that your project is executed seamlessly and on time.


Start the renovation

With a meticulous plan in place, construction begins, driven by the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Enjoy 10 Years Warranty

Our exclusive 10-year warranty offers peace of mind. We promise prompt responses and effective solutions for your long-term satisfaction.

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Interior Design
We are passionate about reviving and creating beautiful, high-quality living environments.
Interior Design
Interior Design
Interior Design

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