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Ultimate House Renovation Service In Toronto and GTA. Welcome to spaice Studio, where you'd enjoy all design & renovation services. We design and build everything from small condo kitchens and bathrooms to full house renovations.

Interior DesignDESIGNWhatever your house renovation needs are, whether it is core renovation services, interior design services, or exterior renovation needs, spaice Studio has you covered.
Interior DesignRENOVATIONSpaice Studio is committed to delivering high-quality renovations using the best materials and innovative methods, ensuring your home is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.
Interior DesignWARRANTYWe proudly offer a 10-year warranty that covers every aspect, providing our clients with the assurance that their investment is built to last.

service overview

Spaice Studio offers a spectrum of renovation and design services, including full-house, kitchen, bedroom, and basement renovations. Our expertise extends to interior design, home additions, and commercial projects like office, restaurant, and store renovations.We're here to transform spaces into personalized havens with creativity and precision, reflecting your unique vision.


Indulge in design crafted exclusively for you at spaice Studio! Our standout feature is the complimentary FREE 1-on-1 designer consultation, providing a deep understanding of your vision. Benefit from direct communication, and meticulous customization tailored to your lifestyle. Visit our showroom to embark on a delightful design journey. Your personalized space awaits – where vision and craftsmanship meet seamlessly!




One Stop Shop

At spaice Studio, we are your ultimate destination for your project. We understand that your time is valuble, and that's why we've created a 8000 SQFT designer showroom, displaying a large variety of products to choose from.

In House Designers, Project Managers and Contractors

At spaice Studio, we've your trusted partner for all your renovation needs. With a unique approach we oversee your project from start to finish bringing your vision to life.

Transparent and Secure on Each Step

We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your specific needs. From concept to completion, we're transparent in our communication and security measures to ensure your peace of mind throughout the project.

Custom Design 3D Renderings

With our 3D design software, we can provide you with a 720 virtual realistic wal-through experience. This means you will have a clear picture of your project on every single detail every step of the way.

Free in-home visits and virtual appointments

Our talented team of in-house designers is available for in home visits. Ensuring that they fully understand your space and preferences. We also offer virtual appointments making it easy to collaborate no matter where you are.

20+ Years of Renovation Experience

With more than 20+ years of hands-on experience, our construction team delivers consistent, high-quality results, ensuring on-time project completion.

Exceptional Customer Service Journey

Quality, client satisfaction and a dedication to providing an exceptional customer service journey are at the core of our business. Our one-stop-shop solution is to make sure your renovation journey is not only smooth but also enjoyable.

Commitment to Quality

At spaice Studio, we take immense pride in our commitment to quality. Weekly site inspection are ensuring top-notch quality. Your satisfaction with the final results remains our most priority.

Exclusive Warranty Benefits

We go the extra mile by offering you a 10 years warranty on workmanship, structural components, plumbing and electrical, providing you with added assurance and peace of mind.


Virtual Walkthrough Renderings

Service Process


Understand Your Needs

At spaice Studio, we understand that every home renovation project is unique, especially when it comes to creating a tailored Home renovation financial plan for our clients in Toronto and the GTA.


Plan and Quote

Our expert team creates detailed plans and provides transparent quotes, ensuring a smooth start. Our planning process includes developing a comprehensive Home renovation financial plan, ensuring transparency and alignment with your budget.


Select Materials and Design

Our in-house designers work closely with you to select materials that align with your vision, style and budget. Our design choices are informed by your Home renovation financial plan, balancing aesthetics with cost-effectiveness.


Prepare and Schedule

We work diligently to plan and prepare your project to ensure that your project is executed seamlessly and on time.


Start the renovation

With a meticulous plan in place, construction begins, driven by the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Enjoy 10 Years Warranty

Our exclusive 10-year warranty offers peace of mind. We promise prompt responses and effective solutions for your long-term satisfaction.

Foxglove Pickering – Kitchen Renovation

3 problems we helped the client to solve during the project: ( what was the problem, and how we helped the client to resolve it) Better functioning kitchen layout Brighter kitchen design Cabinets to the ceiling.

David Wilson East Gwillimbury – Basement renovation

3 problems we helped the client to solve during the project: ( what was the problem, and how we helped the client to resolve it) Finished basement with bathroom and kitchen Wanted guest bedroom and office space Wanted a lot of different rooms in the basement, for the basement to be very functional, a space for his kids and guests.

BISHOPS GATE - Full House Renovation

Client preferred a cozy and comfortable style, and wanted an independent entertainment space while also accommodating home office needs. We found a solution that satisfied the client’s requirements while still adhering to the project's code.

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Interior Design
We are passionate about reviving and creating beautiful, high-quality living environments.
Interior Design
Interior Design
Interior Design

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