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Privacy policy

On this privacy policy page, we explain how we use and treat your data. Please take the time to read our private "Cookie Declaration section," which explains how we use cookies and related technologies. All information collected on or in connection with our website is under the purview of this privacy policy. These include visiting our website, writing us an email, and filling out a contact form. We reserve the right to update this policy whenever necessary. If maintaining your anonymity is a priority, check back here frequently. If you don't agree with this privacy policy, you may consider not using our services any longer.

What private data does spaice gather?

The information we collect helps us serve you better. We want specific information from you for you to access our services. Information such as name, contact information, address, phone number, email address, and payment information are all quite generic. You have the option to be more detailed in your service request. We gather data on the IP address, browser, and language choices of the computer, phone, tablet, or any other device you use to access our services. Sometimes, we also receive data about you or gather data about you automatically.

Why is your personal information gathered and used by spaice?

We mostly ask for your personal information so that we can give you the best service possible and help you keep track of your service bookings and online appointment bookings. We use your personal information to help you with customer service; do market research to improve the quality of our service; get in touch with you if a last-minute booking comes up; and show customer reviews you post after we've finished renovating your home.

How is your personal information shared by spaice with third parties?

The major goal is to get your reservation information to the service provider so that the service can be provided. Some of your data may be received by other parties. This affects the companies we collaborate with to offer you third-party services. Renovation contractors, financial institutions, marketers, business partners, and, in some situations, the government or other authorities, as required by applicable legislation, are included in this. We never trade or rent out your data.

How can you manage the personal information you've given spaice?

You reserve the right to revoke access to any personal information you share with us. You can always send us an email to do this.

Cookie Declaration

Cookies and other tracking technologies may be used in a variety of ways whenever you use our online services, including our applications, to guarantee the smooth operation of the spaice website, traffic analysis, or advertising objectives. We or our business partners, such as third parties and advertising with whom we deal, may use these technologies directly. See the information below to understand more about what a cookie is, how it's used, and your options.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data that is stored locally on your computer or mobile device and is retrievable through the browser. Cookies that are issued by the organization that runs the domain from which the cookie is provided are referred to as 'proprietary cookies.' Cookies from our website are hence proprietary cookies. Third-party cookies are those that we permit other parties to control through the spaice websites and applications.

Session cookies vs. persistent cookies

Unlike session cookies that expire once the browser is closed, persistent cookies remain on your computer after you exit your browser. We try to provide cookies with a short lifespan or to allow the cookie service. A cookie's shelf life is normally limited to its intended use, except for security and emergencies.

Cookie Usage

Cookies have several uses. They identify you across websites and apps. Cookies gather IP addresses. Device ID, pages viewed, browser type, navigation information, operating system, ISP, timestamp, date and time of visit, length, reference URL, and website or application features or activities. This also means we can use facts about your website engagement, such as the number of clicks on a page, mouse movements and scrolling activity, search words, and text entered in various fields. We track users with analytics cookies like Google Analytics.

What options do you have?

You may decide which cookies to accept and which to reject in the browser settings of browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Depending on the browser you are using, you can locate these settings there. To discover the options you desire, use the "help" function on your browser. If you want to know more about our privacy policy, you can send us an email at the address listed in the "Contact Us" section of our website. We may update our cookie statement at any moment. If you want to know what's new, check back here frequently.
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