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Meeting Your Core Kitchen Renovation Needs in Toronto and GTA

We specialize in providing high-end, custom kitchen cabinetry and millwork to meet your kitchen renovation needs. As the heart of every home, the kitchen deserves special attention and care. Over time, even the best kitchens can show signs of wear and tear, with outdated fronts and other unappealing elements. With a growing family and the accumulation of kitchenware, cooking can become a daunting task in what was once a lovely kitchen. Fortunately, the solution is within reach. Instead of investing a significant amount of money in dismantling, purchasing, and installing a brand-new kitchen, our team of selected kitchen renovation contractors will transform your existing space into a modern and comfortable area that you can proudly call your favorite once again. We focus on maintaining the stable structure of your kitchen while replacing old fronts, handles, and hinges with new ones. In just one day, your kitchen will have a completely new look, saving you the hassle of starting from scratch. Choose from a variety of beautiful kitchen fronts in styles such as modern, country house, or classic design. Experience the transformation of your kitchen tailored to your preferences and enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a renewed space. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen renovation project in Toronto and the GTA.

Complete modern kitchen renovation

We take great pride in fulfilling your desires for a fully customized and modernized kitchen that perfectly suits your preferences. Our services include practical cupboard pull-outs, additional storage space for supplies, a new workspace, enhanced lighting, and the cladding of the tiled backsplash. We believe in making your dreams a reality, tailoring every aspect to your ideas and budget. Say goodbye to your outdated kitchen and embrace the joy of cooking once again. Experience the satisfaction of a complete modern kitchen renovation that transforms your space to reflect your unique style. Contact us today to discuss your project and start customizing your kitchen the way you've always envisioned it.

Suggested Quick kitchen renovation

If you're looking to transform one of the most popular spaces in your home, whether through small updates or a complete overhaul, we have a plethora of kitchen renovation ideas for you. At Spaice in Toronto and the GTA, we understand the importance of a functional and stylish kitchen that meets your needs and reflects your personal taste.

A few examples of minor kitchen renovations include:

The most dominant feature of a kitchen is its front. Material and color, all catch the eye of the beholder and shape the first impression. We will help you transform your kitchen that no longer meets the demands of fashion into a visually new one by exchanging the fronts.

If you need to use your kitchen while we carry out minor renovations, we will take great care to ensure that you hardly get any dirt. We renovate your kitchen with attention to detail, using the expertise of top kitchen renovation contractors in Canada and the United States.

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