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Addition Extension

Accommodating Your Growing Family's Needs

Extension Renovation in Toronto and GTA: Accommodating Your Growing Family's Needs

In the realm of home renovation, 'Addition Extension' is a key service offered by spaice Studio, focusing on enhancing your living space in Toronto and the GTA. Essentially, it involves adding more space or enlarging an existing room while keeping it at the same ground level. Considering an Addition Extension for your Toronto and GTA home? spaice Studio expertly manages every aspect, ensuring your extended living area seamlessly integrates with your existing space.

Addition Renovation in Toronto and GTA: Collaborate with Spaice's Top-tier Contractors

Just like an extension, an addition provides extra living space for your home. However, with an "Addition," you may not need to sacrifice any of your yard space because it builds upward rather than outward. An addition increases the usable space in your current home, often providing a new room that extends the area immediately adjacent to it. If you opt for an addition renovation in your home, you'll end up with an extra floor level, increasing the height rather than the width. At Spaice, we collaborate with the best addition and extension contractors in Toronto and GTA to bring your vision to life.

Addition vs. Extension Renovation: Making the Right Choice

During a house renovation, homeowners often find themselves unsure whether to opt for an addition or extension renovation. With Spaice, you don't have to worry about this decision. When you schedule an appointment with us, our team will inspect your property and determine the best option for you. We present you with a variety of attractive options to choose from. This is the Spaice advantage. Our contractors execute renovations that guarantee a significant return on investment because we evaluate and advise you on what's best to add, remove, or extend.

House addition or extension areas of focus

Some addition or extension areas of focus include:
  • A living space that opens up from the indoors to the outdoors and features open-air eating and living spaces
  • Adding an operative rooftop terrace
  • An all-weather deck for dining, entertaining, relaxing, and bonding with family and friends
  • Affixing additional bedrooms
  • Adding or expanding a main bedroom with a toilet and bathtub
  • Adding more bathrooms where necessary
  • Expanding the kitchen and dining area
  • Adding a private lounge room or another living area which we can situate on another level
  • An all - around extension, often involving the renovation of the back and sides flanks of the house.This gives additional floor space around your property

Expert Addition and Extension Renovation Services in Toronto and GTA

Spaice is home to hundreds of experienced addition and extension contractors, making us a leading choice in Toronto and the GTA. Our team excels in constructing bespoke room extensions, as well as house remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and exterior construction projects. We at Spaice ensure that you receive exceptional designs, concepts, and results that are perfectly suited to your needs.With us, homeowners in Toronto and the GTA have access to the best home addition and extension services in the United States and Canada. Don't wait any longer! Contact us now and experience seamless and efficient renovation and addition solutions for your property.
At spaice Studio, our Addition Extension services are designed to perfectly align with your home's existing aesthetics while providing the extra space you need in Toronto and the GTA.

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